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We at Shenzhen Everplus Technology Co., Ltd have committed ourselves to being your total power and audio solution partner by providing research and development as well as manufacturing services of Qi wireless chargers, rechargeable battery packs, power banks, adapters and Bluetooth speaker since 2008. Nowadays, we developed and focus on Alexa-Enabled speaker.
Our factory has been certified to ISO 9001 (2015), BSCI, Wal-Mart and Disney.  As a result of our efforts and sustained investments, we have become an approved ODM vendor for many international brands from North America, Japan and Europe.
EPB Products include the followings:
1. Smart Bluetooth speaker
2. Power bank
3. Battery pack
4. Solar Generator
We believe that with our superior technology, ability to control quality to the highest levels and “Your satisfaction - Our priority” motto, Shenzhen Everplus Technology Co., Ltd. is the best choice for your power and audio requirements.
 wholesale Power Delivery Power Bank
EO Flanges can provide ASME B16.47 Class 300 Series A Welding Neck Flanges, which Outside Diameter from 38.25 to 71.25 in, Minimum Thickness from 3.12 to 6.44 in, Raised Face Diameter from 29.5 to 64 in. etc. We are a leading manufacturer in flanges and pipe fittings in China and our products have been exported to customers all over the world, such as Korea, Russia, countries and regions in Middle East, Southeast Asia, South America and WEST Europe. The flanges and the pipe fittings collection in the most standard and material.
We think the quality is the soul of an enterprise, so we put the quality as the first consideration.
So if you are interested in our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us and it will very appreciate to get news from you soon.
ASME B16.47 Class 300 Series A Welding Neck Flanges
Nominal Pipe SizeOutside Diameter (O)Minimum Thickness (T)Raised Face Diameter (R)Length Thru Hub (Y)Hub Diameter (X)Minimum Fillet Radius (r)Top of Hub (A)Bore (B)Approximate Weight (lbs)Bolt Circle (C)Number of HolesDiameter of Holes
2638.253.1229.57.2528.380.3826Specified by purchaser60534.5281.75
2840.753.3831.57.7530.50.4428Specified by purchaser74537281.75
30433.6233.758.2532.560.4430Specified by purchaser87039.25281.88
3245.253.88368.7534.690.4432Specified by purchaser100541.5282
3447.54389.1236.880.534Specified by purchaser114543.5282
36504.1240.259.5390.536Specified by purchaser127546322.12
38464.2540.57.1239.120.538Specified by purchaser69543321.62
4048.754.542.757.6241.250.540Specified by purchaser84045.5321.75
4250.754.6944.757.8843.250.542Specified by purchaser95047.5321.75
4453.254.88478.1245.250.544Specified by purchaser105549.75321.88
4655.755.06498.547.380.546Specified by purchaser123552282
4857.755.2551.258.8149.380.548Specified by purchaser138054322
5060.255.553.59.1251.380.550Specified by purchaser153056.25322.12
5262.255.6955.59.3853.380.552Specified by purchaser166058.25322.12
5465.25657.759.9455.50.554Specified by purchaser205061282.38
5667.256.0659.7510.2557.620.556Specified by purchaser215563282.38
5869.256.256210.559.620.558Specified by purchaser227065322.38
6071.256.446410.7561.620.560Specified by purchaser247067322.38
 Customized ASME B16.47 Flanges Series A
1. Product Overview
EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)waterproof membrane(DYP-824) is made by using Ethylene-
Propylene-Diene Monomer rubber as the main material with some certain chemical additives and filling materials, processing under a series of professional and technical  procedures.
The main technic and function have reached the level of the same foreign products.
1) For construction roof: factory plant, residential building,hotel, gymnasium,etc.
2) For underground engineering: basement, tunnel,subway;
3) For various kinds of projects which has special waterproof requirements , high
  duration,high anti-corrosion and anti-deformation requirements.  
3.Product Features
1) High resistance to aging,acid,alkali and corrosion, long service life;
2) High resilience, aging resistance,long service life;
3) High tensile strength, high elongation , well-adapted to the stretch and breakage deformation of substrate;
4) Excellent resistance to high/low temperature; good adaptability to the environment temperature changes without affecting its waterproof durability;
5) light weight to reduce the load of roof;
4. Construction procedure scheme:
Level surface:  substrate cleaning – snap lines – pave HDPE membrane – overlapping HDPE membrane – joint sealing – reinforcement assembling – concrete lining.
Vertical surface:  substrate cleaning – snap lines – pave HDPE membrane – mechanically fix HDPE membrane – overlapping HDPE membrane - reinforcement assembling - concrete lining.
Construction methods
1. Substrate cleaning:  fully clean the substrate surface, make
    it flat, solid and dry( water contained≦9% to avoid blister)
    without greasy dirt and dust.
2. The corner area of the substrate should be build in the
    shape of triangle or circular arc with radius bigger than
    50mm. The drainage slope, divider seam, vent should be
    treated according to design requirement.                                               
3. Can adapt the full-paving method or mechanical fixing
method according to the specific situation of the projects.
4. The adhesive bonding of membrane and substrate:
Apply the adhesive glue on the substrate and the  membrane,
wait until it's  surface dry ( slightly sticky without
 glue wire) to bond.
5. The bonding of the overlap parts( in required width) :   
    use cotton yarn with provided thinner to clean the overlapping  
    part of the membrane, fully apply glue and wait until it's
    surface dry( slightly sticky without glue wire), bond the
    Overlapping area tightly, press to make it flat  and heavily
    hammer to ensure tight bonding.
6. In joint parts,add extra layer according to design requirement,  
    use waterproof membrane or coating to process the extra layer.
7. make an isolation layer If protective coating if needed, paint
    the protective coating to protect the exposed membrane, which
    also play an effective part in thermal insulation and  the
    increasing of service life.
5. Cautions
1) Do not install the membranes under bad weather situation
(rainy,  snowy,foggy,windy) or when the substrate surface is wet.
2)Install the membranes at the temperature ranged 5-35 ℃
and relativehumidity less than 80%.
3)During the construction, each processing steps should be done
 in required order. Each joint part should be added extra
 layer for strengthening.        
4) Do not get close to fire or heat source during construction.
6. Storage
1) Prevent the packaging from damage, store product in ventilated,     
  dry place, stack height should not exceed 5 roll layers.
2)Avoid direct sunlight, acid, alkali, oil & organic solvent contact,
 and be isolated from heat source.
3)The Shelf-life is one year under the normal storage &
  transportation condition,.
 EPDM Waterproofing Membrane Free Sample
Single side one time use recycle material black plastic pallet for logistic
Product Description
Nine Feet Plastic Pallet for Industrial
                                  Product Description
Model NumberYR-P1008WJ
Size (mm)1000x800x140
StyleSingle Faced
MaterialHDPE / PP
ColorBlue, customized
Weight(kg)4.8 kg ±5%
LoadingDynamic0.5 T
Static2 T
PackingStandard carton or as per requested
Service lifeCan be applied in many areas
1. Recyclable and Eco-environment
2. Strong and durable  
3. Cost effective
4. Easy and safe to handle  
5. Water or chemical resistant
6. Long service life
Detailed Images:
Stackable for efficient storage
Pallet with Virgin material or recycled
Maintenance free & safer than wooden pallets
This pallet can be inserted metal tube
Pallet with many colors for your choice
Can make the mold special for you
Can print your LOGO as you required
Recycle and washable
Hygienic, safe and easy to handle and clean
Light duty pallet:
Impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odors
Dimensional stability at temperatures ranging from -30°C -60 °C.
Easy to transfer bulk goods and save warehouse space.
Packing and shipping:
Company information:
Suzhou Chen- An Plastic co., Ltd is professional factory in plastic products and plastic mold equipment development, design, production and sales, the main products such as sanitation trash can, plastic pallet, turnover box, water tank as so on.
We are the large and famous manufacturers of plastic pallet in China. We are the member of China plastic pallet association and CFLP (China federation of logistics and purchasing).
Our products are widely used in petrochemical, chemical, beer, drinks, food, medicine, tobacco, wire and cable, and many other industries.
Why choose us
1. Specialized in plastic products for many years
2. OEM & ODM projects are highly welcomed
3. Offer well packed sample in 7 days
4. Best material selection, 100% quality guarantee
5. Color can be customized based on certain quantity
6. Packing as your requirement
7. Offer in-time service, Reply within 24h
8 .Welcome factory visituniversal pallets
Hangzhou solid machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Is upgrading from hangzhou wulin machinery co., LTD.,which is specialized in manufacturing machinery of chain, located in yuhang district ,Hangzhou city .in the early 1980s become to study and manufacture  equipments of chain,coordinating and organizing  by minister of industry .during these 35 years , awarded and wen  ministerial, provincial scientific and technological progress awards, r&d, manufacturing, sales as one, to be  the earliest development and production of domestic chain special equipment professional manufacturers, with nearly 30 years of design and manufacture of knitting machine, butt welding machine, inspection machine, bar drawing machine ring chain production equipment, steel welded chain.
Our factory , adhering to the fine traditions of excellence, continuous improvement in manufacturing process, improving the product quality, the main production of various models of chain: braiding machine, butt welding machine, inspection machine, bar drawing machine and steel welded chain  all  achieved  advanced automated production, its main performance index has reached level of similar foreign products, stable and reliable, efficient and convenient. Meanwhile  the company constantly enhance the level of after-sales service and close to the market, sincere service, good reputation to win the trust of our customers.
SOLID has been focusing on research, development, design, production and service of various hoists. Our philosophy of management and quality control are based on European and American standards. The load chain production are the most critical production processes. Those processes rely on our experience staff and advance equipment. It is not reply on any outsourcing factories. Solid has 9 full automatic production lines for alloy steel chain, which can supply the dimensions from 5 mm to 16 mm with grade 80 grade T grade V and  grade 100. Also we can produce any special size chain and slings according to the customers’ requirements.
SOLID, always adhere to the "strives for the survival by the quality, seek development with the brand, service for reputation" principle, with high-quality products, superb technology, strict management, pragmatic style of work, sincere cooperation, is willing to global chain production enterprises to provide first-class products and first-class service, mutual benefit, work together! Cobalt Chrome Rods companies

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