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Ultrafine powder packing machine
1. Product description of the Ultrafine powder packing machine:
This Ultrafine powder packing machine is our company has developed. It’s a kind of automatic bagging device with simple structure, high work efficiency and long service life, which is applicable to various environments especially severe environment, and easy to overall maintain, namely long and short suction rod and suction head device. Because the long and short suction rod and suction head are cheap, they can be easily replaced into stainless steel tube, titanium tube and other anti-corrosive tubes in accordance with different natures of materials in bags. Thus, it is easier to realize long-periodic stable operation on materials under relatively poor environment for such automatic bagging mechanism.
2. Patent product of the Ultrafine powder packing machine:
Power: 10 kilowatts
Pressure of air source: 0.5 to 0.6MPa
Packing speed: maximum 20 bags/minute
Packing accuracy: 50kg/bag±0.1kg(composition error tends to zero)
Success rate of bagging: 99%
Power supply: three-phase and five-wire; 380V±5%
Environmental temperature: 0℃ to 40℃
Flow rate of air source: 20 cubic meters/hour
3. Advantage of the Ultrafine powder packing machine:
High weighing qualified rate
Fast weighing speed of single scale
Solve the problem of material sticking
Less dust
4. Suitable for packaging materials:
sodium carbonate ,  titanium dioxide, compound fertilizer, and so on.Powder Packaging Machine for sale


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